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The Goodwill Glitter Sale!

 This weekend is the 25th Glitter Sale at the Seattle Goodwill
All year, the creme de la creme of donations made to the Goodwill, is skimmed and set aside for this special event and it’s a fabulous and fun fashion frenzy! 
If you can wear it and it’s sparkly, gold, silver, designer, retro, vintage, original, feathered, sequined, beaded, bejeweled, brocaded, silk, leather, lacy, leopard, zebra, and it excites your inner dress-up girl, well this is the event for you!
There will be dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses, jackets, coats, suits, robes, scarves, hats, shoes, belts, boots, handbags, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more.  Oh, and for you men, well, the “good stuff” is here for you too.
A few years ago, I went with some very fashionista friends from Idaho (you laugh, but fashion knows no state boundaries!) and had a blast with all the flurry of fashion flying around the few hours we were there.  I am hoping to go again this year with an old friend and perhaps some new friends (former clients of mine who just bought their first home) and have some fashion fun!
This year will also see the First Annual Glitter Gala Event that took place yesterday evening in the Metropolitan Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel with proceeds going to help support Goodwill programs.  While the Glitter Sale is a wonderful event everyone attending, there is a purpose to all that Glitters…helping people through Goodwill’s job training and education programs.
To find out more about all the fashion fun (photos too!) check out the Goodwill Glitter Blog for some very helpful shopping tips and photos of some of the cool stuff that will be at the Glitter Sale!  I hope to have some photos tomorrow to post of THE BEFORE the frenzy, and I will certainly have some from Saturday!
*** Blog updated Nov. 14th, with the Pre-view photos at the top of the page.  Many thanks to Betsy McFeely, PR Director at the Seattle Goodwill, for her wonderful Pre-view tour of all the hardwork the Goodwill Staff has done getting all the gorgeous “loot” ready for shoppers this weekend!

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