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Seattle’s’ Urban Villages blog is experiencing a renaissance….

Kerry Park & Space Needle at Dusk

Kerry Park & Space Needle at Dusk

After having “disappeared” for a while, I am re-inspired to begin blogging again here at Seattle’s Urban Villages
I have been actively blogging for DANIEL SMITH Artist’s Materials on the DanielSmithBlog (over 2 years & 267 posts so far!) and have been their Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) Specialist since late last June which has kept me busy while I was on what turned out to be, a real estate hiatus.  For a number of reasons, I was not feeling very engaged with real estate (the blog, & other things) and this hiatus had been beneficial for me to re-energize and re-connect for this renaissance.
It’s actually feeling very exciting to step back into the Real Estate Market (the blog, & other things) again.  I have re-thought my purpose, and this gestational period has allowed me to grow in many ways that will benefit my clients, friends, family, and myself.
There is a lot for me to write about here on the blog, about Seattle Real Estate and Seattle’s Urban Villages, Art will be featured, AND I have a lot to say about a wide range of topics as well. 
 As Captain Picard would say…..”Engage!”

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Welcome to My Seattle’s Urban Villages Blog!

Sun Breaks in the clouds over Downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay from Queen Anne’s Kerry ParkHello….

Welcome to my Seattle’s Urban Villages Blog!

I hope that your visit here is helpful, fun and gives you some insight to Seattle, the Seattle Real Estate Market, my Real Estate Ethics and Philosophy, and a good introduction to me.

Seattle is not my hometown, I chose to live in Seattle and moved here in 1994. That has been a wonderful decision…

….because I love Seattle!

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