“The Seattle Times” Real Estate Article: “It’s a Good Time…to be a First Time Home Buyer” and MY First-time Homebuyers

The Seattle Times Real Estate Article: "It's a good time...to be a first-time homebuyer"

The Seattle Times Real Estate Article: "It's a good time...to be a first-time homebuyer"

Sunday mornings and it’s The Seattle Times, and a cup of coffee…ahhh….

So, this morning when I got to the Seattle Real Estate section, the first thing that caught my eye was the photo….I showed THAT house to my first-time home buyers last September!  It was for the article “It’s a good time to be a  first-time homebuyer

While that home did not suit my clients, together we eventually found a great deal last fall, on a wonderful new construction, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in Beacon Hill over looking Columbia City, I am glad that the buyer in the article, with the help of her Seattle real estate agent,  found what she was looking for. 

The article did a good job of pointing out why for many first-time home buyers it is a good time to buy:

  • Lot’s of inventory – this is how my clients wound up with such a great deal, the builder needed to sell some of his inventory and was willing to take a much lower price than what the house was originally listed for.
  • Lower prices on homes – the downward pressure of lots of inventory beause of potential home buyers watching and waiting.
  • Low interest rates –  my lender, Christi, updates me on how the rates are and they are very good.
  •  Up to $8,000 tax credit– available for first time home buyers who qualify, and who buy between Jan. 1st 2009 and Dec. 1st 2009.

Anyway, it was funny to see that house again in the newspaper, good thing I had already swallowed my coffee, or my photo would be of a coffee stained article…LoL!

  1. Andi

    Hi Deb-
    I just read this post and I think that Becky and I are the first time home buyers to whom you refer! I remember walking through that house – I think it was house #35! Though the featured house wasn’t quite right, we would have never found our 4 bedroom, 2 bath house on Beacon Hill without you. We still talk about how great you were through our long, painstaking process. Hope to see you soon.
    Yea for Deb!

  2. Deborah Burns

    Hi Andi!

    LoL…YES…it was you and Becky! I remembered seeing the house with you both, and it was so funny seeing the photo of it again in the newspaper.

    The house that you and Becky bought was a MUCH better match for you both, and I am so glad that we found it! You both were so much fun to work with, it makes me very Happy to think of you and Becky living in your New Home.

    I will be seeing you when your “Session” is over, which Becky said is soon, we are getting together!

    What a nice surprise that you stopped by Andi, really made my day! : )

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